Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh life, I love you. More than anyone can imagine..

 Well, I know I've been meaning to update in a long long time so here it is.. there is just so much I would like to share, and really just have a release of emotions...

This week in particular has been so hard for me.  This was the first year that I have been away from Campus and Blacksburg... I was pretty much a mess this entire past week... I guess it is hard for me still being in a place where there arent so many Hokies around.  I know my family is all here, within a 60 mile radius but still, it is weird!  This entire week was just so draining not only because of all the memories rushing back but also because the dinner/event I have been planning for the Women's Law Association at school was Thursday night.  I had basically been planning it all semester long so it was definitely additional stress this week.  AND THEN, I had an interview yesterday morning in Raleigh.  I first broke down right after I left because I couldnt find my VT lapel pin for my suit and I had left my orange and maroon ribbon at home.  It was also around 7:20am and that just got to me.. and to add to that, I Want it That Way started coming on my ipod (it used to be my favorite song ever.. but now I just have bad memories with it...)... that was the exact same song that was coming on my ipod when I was over halfway across the drillfield in the snow flurries trying to get to class in Randolph since I overslept and was going to make the later section of my advance microtheory class...I was such a mess, and my mascara ran so that was no good. I hadnt even slept much the night before bc I was so so so tired after the WLA dinner and all the emotions, I probs slept 3-4 hrs Thursday night and getting to Raleigh was stressful enough.  I left so early, like almost 3 hrs early b/c everyone scared me the night before that the traffic will get so bad in I-40, so I didnt want to be late for my interview.  Also, going to DT Raleigh is a whole other story.  It was like dt GSO but x10.  I finally found a parking garage and walked the 4 blocks to the courthouse so that was interesting too.  I was such a mess and everyone kept on looking at me funny... at least I had my sunglasses on so no one could see my puffy eyes.   It was jsut not a good day for an interview... on my drive home I got some emails that I needed to go back to school and pick up some WLA things that we accidentally left there but I came home first and put on my hokies united shirt. I think it was the little things yesterday that helped me get through the day... memories of that day 3 years ago were constantly rushing back to me throughout the day ... I know I am rambling but its ok, I'm allowed to be a mess once in a while I guess.  Sometimes it gets to me... of course I still have those questions and what ifs running through my mind, even 3 years later. I had to stay away from the computer yesterday or else I would have been a bigger mess.  When I did get home from errands( finding out that I need at least 2 new $269 tires for my car, falling asleep at lexus, gas at sam's, target shopping), I did get on fb and again I was in tears. Im still upset about everything that happened, and still thinking about those 32 lives, what and everything they could have contributed to and changed in this world if they had more time.. but I know that their spirits are still living with us through our memories...and like the quote goes..they are in 'heaven' (or whatever post life place you believe in) explaining to everyone what a hokie is.  After collecting myself once again, I found this amazing blog entry by Coleman Collins.  He was an english major at Tech and on the basketball team.  He graduated in 2007-- Coleman Collins remembers Virginia Tech's tragedy.  Just reading that, it brought me to tears.  I remember so much, so clearly, it is just hard sometimes to not be with the people who helped me get through everything 3 years ago.. After I finally collected myself and a tshirt sleeve stained of my running mascara, I finally did my 3.2 mile run for my hokies.  It took me 29:53-- a personal best.  A good sign perhaps? Afterwards, I tried to get ready and do what I have been saying for the past 3 years, Live for 32, live for those who do not have that chance anymore.  I took a shower and got cleaned up and ready for dinner with one of my sorority sisters.  Definitely exactly what I needed last night.  I just needed someone to talk with and who understood everything I was feeling all day long.  We didn't even need to talk about it, but we just knew.  It was good to smile again and laugh.  Remembering all of the good times we had at VT and life since.  It still hurts, and I think about that day and our 32 Hokie angels everyday but I am going to do what I've been saying for the past three years, "Live for 32."  I know I am going to get through law school in 1 year, 26 days.  I am going to try my hardest to make some change/do something for others, no matter how small, as long as it makes something good happen in others' lives.  We are Virginia Tech.

And NOW, for the update that I have been promising for the past few be honest, I started writing this a week ago but I am finally finishing it!
I really do love my life.  Its been a really long time since I have genuinely been happy with everything going on in life but I really am right now. It makes me feel good.  I k now I started this year off with so much drama with a stupid boy but this year has definitely turned around for me--I am doing well in school.  I am not taking as many classes this semester but it is definitely a break that I needed after last semester.  I need to get my motivation going again because I am finding it so difficult to focus on studying for finals.
soo the season ended a few weeks ago.. I still think that VT should have been in the NCAA. I know we kinda choked at the quarterfinals of the nit but really come on-- look at some of the teams that lost in the first and second rounds of the nCAA tournament.  were they srs in that VT wasnt up to par with THOSE teams? Wake lost in the first round, ga tech and clemson lost early too. WTF.  Even so, I am so glad that Duke won the National Championship this year! It makes me happy.  9 years later haha.  I didnt think Duke was that good again but apparently they were and I am happy they won! Even though people said all this crap about them and how they didnt even deserve to be a #1 seed, they were the only ones left by the FInal Four.  I guess that says a lot right?! I kinda wished that Michigan State won though. IDK why but I will always root for Tom Izzo.  He just seems like such a classy guy who truely loves his team, his program, and basketball in general.  In other news, the coach of Butler's team is absolutely adorbs.  Big ears and all.
Next season, I think that it will definitely be a great year for VT Basketball.  Especially if Malcolm Delaney stats and doesnt got o the NBA.  I hope he stays, he is such an amazing player, first unanimous all-acc 1st team for VT.  I know he can lead the team to an NCAA bid if those ridic biased selection committee members open their eyes.  I think that Duke will be preseason 1 though.. and I think they will acutally follow through during the season and not choke like unc did this year :)  I hope unc sucks again next year, I love love loved seeing all the annoying unc fans at my school like completely ignore the fact that it was basketball season.  made me kinda happy, in a mean way. :)

New Running/Working Out Life Plans
Well, I have been running 4-5 times a week now.  I still run for about 40 mins everyday.  I changed up my speed intervals to the following:
2 mins on 2
2 mins on 4.5
2 mins on 5
2 mins on 5.5
2 mins on 6
2.5 mins on 6.5
2.5 mins on 7
about 18 mins on 7.5
5 mins on 8
2 mins 8.5
1 min on 6
1 min on 5.5
1 min on 5
1 min on 4
1 min on 3.
During the first 2 mins and last 2 mins, I do 2 reps of ten of skull crushers on each arm with 8lb weights.  This is so I can work on my triceps and get rid of that ugly flab that most/all women hate and want to get rid of haha.  It usually hurts really bad but I am hoping after another few days or so that it will start feeling better and I can either increase my weights or number of reps.  I have been consistently running about 4.3 miles in 40 minutes.  I think that is a good pace but I know it will slow down once I start running outside for try for a few more races.  I hope I can find some races to run during the summer.  at this point, I dont care if I have a running buddy bc I know my mom will coem to at least cheer me on hahaha but I hope I can just find some races to run. It is just so much fun. I lvoe it.  Running started out as a non-fun task I did to get healthy and in shape but now I loveeeee running.  I dont care if I am slow compared to other people, I just get such a high from it, I feel so good when I'm done running. It is so so true about endorphins. they really do make you happy :)

My Running/Working Out Playlist
Now, I know this is not an ideal playlist for most people but it really gets me going and so into running.  Also, the 2 best songs ever to run/workout to are Pokerface by Lady Gaga and the Chris Cox Megamix- Britney Spears.  haha I love love love those songs.
ok here it is:
-- > Taylor Swift- You Belong With Me (mine&Becky's song hahaha)
-- > Britney Spears- If you Seek Amy
-- >  Real McCoy- Another Night (loveeeeeee 90s music!!!!)
-- > Coolio- Gangsta's Paradise
-- > Lady Gaga- Just Dance
-- > Jay Sean- Down (gorgeous brown man who sings, what more could I ask for??!)
-- > Britney Spears- Circus
-- > Taylor Swift- Love Story
-- > Britney Spears- Womanizer
-- > Lady Gaga- Monster (he ate my hearttttt)
-- > Lady Gaga- Bad Romance
-- > Britney Spears- I've Just Begun (Havin' my fun)
-- > Lady Gaga- Poker Face
-- > Lady Gaga- Summerboy (probs my favorite song right now, it just makes me happy and reminds me of being carefree and the summertime. wish I had a summerboy... hahah JK boys are dumb right now)
-- >  Fergie- Labels or Love (labels, DUH!)
-- > Lady Antebellum- I Run to You (Derrick and Becky always sing this to me when we have a fiesta)
-- > Lady Gaga- Paper Gangsta
-- > Penn Masala- Aap Jaise Koi (haha so random, I know, but srsly, brown men singing. gets me every time)
-- > Adele- Chasing Pavements (again, random but this song weirdly is good for my warmup/cool down)
-- > Britney Spears- (You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop Remix)
-- > James Morrison & Nelly Furtado- Broken Strings
-- > Britney Spears- Chris Cox Megamix (probs the BEST song/mx ever for working out.)
-- > James Morrison- You Make it Real
-- > Backstreet Boys- It's Gotta Be You
-- > Erin McCarley- Love, Save the Empty
-- > Keane- Somewhere Only We Know
-- > Backstreet Boys- I Want It That Way
-- > Lady Gaga- Brown Eyes
-- > Lady Gaga- Starstruck
-- > Lenny Kravitz- I'll Be Waiting
-- > Lady Gaga- Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
-- > Taylor Swift- Forever & Always
-- > Lady Gaga- Dance in the Dark
-- > Kelly Clarkson- I Do Not Hook Up
-- > Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce- Telephone
-- > Lady Gaga- Alejandro
-- > Lady Gaga- So Happy I Could Die
-- > Blue October- Into the Ocean
-- > Ingrid Michaelson- Everybody
Now, I know a lot of these songs are so so random, but IDK, they j get me really into a zone and I just focus on running and almost all of my thoughts and worries are out of my mind and I just really enjoy running! yay!

My Weight Loss Adventure
WELL, exciting news from last wk, I am now officially 40lbs lighter and 3 dress sizes smaller than I was last August.  This was particularly exciting news for me because I have been working so hard to get in shape and get healthy.  From my last dr's visit, she was really excited for me as well and all my blood work came back normal and actually very good! This was super exciting.  To be quite honest, I have never been this size in my adult life.  It is very exciting for me!  As for the future of my weight loss plan, I would LOVE to lose another 20-25 lbs but I know that is just not realistic.  I think a good goal for me is about 15 right now and then throughout the summer another 15 and I will be at my target weight.  Honestly, I dont care that much about the numbers but I just want to lose some inches and get toned. Even as I am right now, I cannot remember a time when I was actually excited to put on a baiting suit but I actually am right now!!!  Even my mom is exciting for me too and got me some expensive baiting suits for our trip in May.  Even my dad too-- he got me like 4 new dresses last wkend because he was so excited for me and he actually said that Ive never looked this good before. that made me smile b/c compliments are hard to come by from my dad.  If anyone has ever met him, you know what I am talking about hahah!  I am going to continue my running, I am thinking about starting up pilates again too.  In addition to working out, I need to get my diet back on track. This week has been especially stressful for me and also I have had less time at home and I have had ice cream, 2x and pizza too this week.  Today, I even had a string cheese.  I need to start controlling more of what I eat and preparing things when I do have time so during the week when I am tired, there isnt much to do to prepare my meals.  I need to get back to eating more fruits and vegetables.  I think that since summer is coming, it will be easier too since I can go to the Farmer's Market to get all of my fresh fruit and veggies.  I cannot wait for the summer corn! I know that too much is bad since cellulose is a big part of corn, which causes cellulite haha but I loveeeeee summer corn! I cant wait for fresh cucumbers, watermelons, berries, peaches, nectarines, fresh locally grown tomoatoes! I CANT WAIT!!!!! I love the farmers market. It makes me happy.  Next blog I will update with my new meal plans.  I try and eat 3-5 smallish meals a day, this past wk has been hard but normally im good. Also, to maintain my weight loss goal, I try to stay between 1498-1998 calories per day.  I found this AMAZING website Calorie King that has a search you can do to determine how many calories are in basically any type of food, from fast food restaurants, from sit down restaurants, even some Indian food! For example, I found out that the Capellini Pomodoro from Macaroni Grill is better for you than the one from Olive Garden! Very surprising! Also, the fettuccine alfredo from Olive Garden is almost 1000 calories and 150% of your daily value of saturated fat! I couldnt/could believe it.  Needless to say, I am selecting my meals when I go out to eat better now and counting calories is helping me keep in check with my diet plan. yay.

Oh law schoool. it is amazing, infuriating, tiring, and exhilarating all at the same time.  I get really frustrated with Elon and still things like class registration and course offerings. I am taking 2 summer classes this summer for a total of 5 credits and then taking 12 in the fall and hopefully 13 in the spring.  I really do not want to take a winter term and if I do, I want to try and do a study abroad.  We'll see what happens.  this semester is going well, I just need to get through finals to May 13th.  I am just tired. ALL the time.  Lets see, what else? Law prom was last weekend. I was absolutely ridiculous but it was so so much fun! Here are some fun pictures from the night:)
Becky and I at Dinner, waiting for the boys, as usual!
Tyler (Tylie haha) and I at their apt! This one is for the friends corner!
The girls at Derrick&Tyler's apt before Law Prom
Becky, Derrick, Tyler and I before law prom!
The boys with Becky and I at Barrister's Ball! Yay! I love my law school friends :)

Also, the WLA Women In the Profession Dinner that I planned was this past Thursday night. I think everything went really well.  I was so glad how it turned out and all of the judges and lawyers who came to the dinner came up to me and told me how impressed they were with how much we knew and how professional we were compared to them when they were in law school.  It was also exciting that Justice Billings was there--- she is past Chief Justice of the NC Supreme Ct as well as a member of the Elon Law Advisory Board.  She came up to me after the dinner and was like "you looked and sounded so professional, I wasn't expecting this.  You did such a great job with this event" haha so that made me feel good! I'm just glad everyone had a good time and Judge Sizemore did especially.  Here's a picture from Thursday night!
(I want to post more pictures but my filebox is full and blogger wont let me upload any more! check my FB if you are interested ;)

Well, for the summer, everything is still up in the air.  I interviewed for a position in Raleigh yesterday and basically, afterwards, I got the feeling that I just needed to tell them if I wanted the position or not and then we would go forward with things.  I need to contact them this coming week and let them know what I want to do.  I am still unsure as to what to do because I really would love to get some experience in Raleigh but I need to take these summer classes... But they did say they could let me split my summer if I wanted so I could do half the summer there and half in Danville/GSO.  We'll see what happens.. I just want a job, anywhere.
In other exciting news, I think my mom, sister, and I are going to Hawaii the week after my finals are done! We were thinking about meeting up with my brother in Greece but we decided agasint that and I wnated to go to Italy but my mom doesnt wnat to go b/c she thinks we need a man figure with us going to a "place like that" are her words.  I think that is complete bs and stupid but whatevs I guess. Hawaii is amazing anyways. And its like a tropical fun warm place but its still the United States! The best of everything! yayyyy

ANYWays, I hope everyone enjoyed this colossal post. it was fun.  until next time...


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  1. Manisha, I love you!! Thanks for the update (and I enjoyed its colossalness.) This week was really hard for me, too... I hope your interview went well regardless, and I am sure it did. I am so proud of your weight loss! That is just awesome. Also, enjoyed seeing your playlists for some inspiration (particularly feeling I Do Not Hook Up by Kelly Clarkson.) You know how I am about getting restless with my workout music! Sounds like all is well with you! P.S: will be totally jeal if you go to Hawaii!! :)


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