Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Roundup!

What a fun weekend I had the past few days! It was a pretty crazy weekend but I had so much fun visiting one of my good friends from college! On Friday after work, I headed up to Richmond (after a pit stop to drop Rusty off at his grandparents' house haha) to see my friend Kori since she just bought a new (and seriously beautiful) house in Richmond.  We usually go to football games together in the fall so it was great getting to hang out and catch up with both of our MANY life stories!! I didn't get to Richmond until after 10pm on Friday and we were up late catching up and sharing some ridiculous stories about life happenings along with some red moscato (who knew there was such a thing?? It tasted so good and was so pretty).  

Saturday, we ended up going to Claytor Lake for one of her grad school friends' baby shower.  It was so nice being in that area of Virginia again and we both didn't realize until that morning before we left Richmond that it was so close to Blacksburg (home of our alma mater Virginia Tech) so NATURALLY we had to make a detour on our way home.  We stopped by the Volume 2 bookstore and then had an early dinner at our favorite- Macado's! Before leaving town, we drove around campus just a little to see all the changes and reminisce of our college days.  We also drove through Oak Lane, the Greek community on campus and even saw the new phase/development with the first true Southern-style Greek house belonging to Sigma Phi Epsilon.  Their new house is GORGEOUS and I am so jealous we didn't have houses like that when I was in college! We ended up getting back to Richmond pretty late so we hung out and shared more stories (seriously, Kori and I can occupy ourselves for HOURS sharing ridiculous/hilarious life happenings) until I eventually fell asleep on her living room floor since I was up ridiculously late the night before ahhh.

ANYways, enough about that- but we had such a fun weekend! Sunday we had a nice relaxing breakfast at home while I drooled over her beautiful/large kitchen and I let her know of my jealousy of all that kitchen space! We talked about recipes and entertaining ideas- ahh so much fun! I love having dinner parties and having people over at my house but it tends to be difficult with such a small kitchen and limited space in a townhouse.

Here are some fun pictures from the past few days:

IMG 20130810 181802 982

Our BEAUTIFUL campus, even in the cloudy/rainy mess!

IMG 20130810 164008 463

made a quick stop at my parents' townhouse when we got into Blacksburg to make sure everything was OK! So many memories (good&bad) here!

IMG 20130810 172711 759

typical for Kori and I! 

IMG 20130810 174028 166

My standard meal from Macados- Gibson Girl, no mayo no pickle

IMG 20130810 174434 563

I can NEVER finish all my sandwich because I always get a cup of my favorite soup no matter what!

IMG 20130810 174040 311

Kori's signature Macado's meal- Johnny D no tomatoes!

IMG 20130810 182216 574

how beautiful is this fraternity house???! SO jealous we didn't have sorority houses like this back when I was in college!

IMG 20130810 183152 155

AND here is my OOTD for today- I felt so amazing in this outfit today! I had an early morning 6.1 mile run before work and it really uplifted my mood all day long! I love pretty much everything about what I wore today!

IMG 20130812 112856 392

  • Dress: Target
  • Belt: White House Black Market
  • Blazer: LOFT
  • Shoes: White House Black Market (originally worn for my law school graduation)
  • Jewelry: David Yurman Black Onyx earrings, necklace; David Yurman Petite Wheaton ring in Black Onyx; VT Class Ring
  • Watch: Rolex
  • Bangles: Malani Jewelers

IMG 20130812 112947 296

IMG 20130812 143608 182

I love everything about these shoes!

IMG 20130812 171705

my sweet Rusty on our way home from work/daycare! 


How was your weekend??



  1. I couldn't believe that house design when they first published it. Makes our duplex with Zeta look like a shack, haha.

    1. haha I knew of their plan back when I was involved in Student Affairs in undergrad but I never imagined how gorgeous the house would turn out! It's just sad that the golf course is going to be demolished for the new phase of Oak Lane :(


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